Quartier des Bains – Geneva’s little Soho

Although the city is best known for banking and diplomacy, Geneva’s art district, the Quartier des Bains, is putting it on the map as an essential destination for international artists and collectors. A local secret for some time, a recent New York Times article described it as “Geneva’s little Soho… one of the liveliest and most innovative contemporary art districts in Europe”.

What was once a semi-industrial neighbourhood dotted with the workshops of watchmakers has become a magnet for art galleries and editors since the Modern Art Museum (MAMCO) opened in a disused factory 20 years ago.

Today, a dozen or so art galleries as well as 5 cultural institutions including the MAMCO, the Centre for Contemporary Art (CAC) and the beautifully renovated Museum of Ethnography (MEG) form the Quartier de Bains Association, whose aim is to promote contemporary art in Geneva.

Not to be sidelined by the many art fairs cropping up everywhere, the association stages its own event, La Nuit des Bains, which takes place three times a year. It’s a lively, after opening hours evening, where visitors come to discover new art and enjoy a street-party like atmosphere. The next Nuit des Bains is just around the corner, on May 19, 2016.

Quartier des Bains