The chocolate train

Take a train straight out of an Agatha Christie novel, marvel at the snowy peaks under the warm summer Swiss sun, dive your hands into bags of cocoa beans, discover the secrets of the famous Gruyère cheese. The Tiffany hotel team invites you to take “The Chocolate Train” as a family during your next summertime visit in Geneva!

After Montreux, the tracks take you over the Swiss Riviera giving you a remarkable and breathtaking view of the lakes, green valleys, and sunbathed countryside. Then it’s the long-awaited pause: Gruyère country and its fairytale setting!

Gourmet secrets. Here, the biggest gourmet secrets are revealed. But not right away. First, you must explore the castle, with its towers rising like spears, to finally figure out the mysteries of making cheese and delicious Swiss milk chocolate. Tickets purchase possible by the Hotel.

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