Geneva: a world city on a human scale

Geneva is the city of 23 international organizations and 250 non-governmental organizations. It is the most important center of international cooperation in the world, along with New York.

Geneva is also home to 40 public and private museums and a large number of art galleries. Equipped with sumptuous libraries and lively theater and music scenes, Moreover, Geneva is a green city: 20% of its territory is dedicated to parks and gardens! It is also a city that can be easily visited on foot, using the tramway if necessary.



Left Bank

The left bank of Geneva is dedicated to arts. The districts of Les Bains and Plainpalais are two emblematic places : Mamco - museum of contemporary art, the Library of the City's Contemporary Art Fund - FMAC -, numerous art galleries, the Grand Theatre and the Victoria Hall animate the district night and day. In addition to many shops, visitors will be charmed by the parks and green spaces that punctuate their visit: the English Garden and the Flower Clock, the Bastions, the Treille, the Eaux Vives, the Pine, Observatory and Grange parks... There is something for everyone, from a peaceful walk to a hardy jogging. The emblematic point of Geneva will remain its 140-meter water jet, highlighting the famous shores of the Geneva Lake.


Right bank

The right bank of Geneva is also remarkable. It is considered to be more dedicated to organizations, among which the most famous are probably the United Nations and the Red Cross. It is reached by crossing the Rhone with the Mont-Blanc Bridge, famous for its flags displayed throughout the year at artistic and official events in Geneva. The Pâquis district is home to the Baths, appreciated by all self-respecting Genevans. One can of course enjoy bathing or nautical activities, but also artistic ones.

The right bank is also green. In addition to the Brunswick Mausoleum, we recommend the discovery of the Ariana and Mon Repos parks, as well as the magnificent Botanical Garden, and more particularly its Zen garden.


The old town

Geneva is also a charming city. Its old town is dominated by the Saint-Pierre cathedral of Geneva and framed by the university, the English Garden and the Museum of Art and History.

Lively and shopping center, it offers superb luxury boutiques all along the streets of the Rhône, the Croix d'Or or the Madeleine. The old town also has a very specific atmosphere, offering a diverse architecture that is worth a visit, according to the established formula. We will gladly linger on the Promenade des Bastions to visit the Wall of the Reformers, so emblematic of Calvin's city, then we will climb the Promenade de la Treille to dominate the city and sit on the longest bench in the world.


Around Geneva: a sumptuous countryside between Switzerland and France

The surroundings of Geneva are structured by the Geneva Lake. Its majestic shores are stunning and a boat ride will allow you to discover the landscapes of the Swiss Jura, the Bas-Chablais and the French Alps. The lake will also offer you, in addition to pike or trout, its finest fish: the fera or whitefish, to be tasted why not with a small Swiss wine like an Aargau Auenstein or a Basel Riesling-Sylvaner.

In the north of Geneva, there is no lack of charming little towns. Nyon, an ancient city with a castle overlooking the lake and a remarkable museum dedicated to Lake Geneva, is worth mentioning. Further north, Lausanne, a major international university center, will charm lovers of the 7th art with its Swiss Film Library, and, as the headquarters of the IOC, sports enthusiasts with its Olympic Museum. You will also linger in the fortifications to discover the Saint-Maire castle, the cathedral or the Town Hall.

On the eastern side of the lake, charming little villages dot the shores up to Evian. We recommend a visit to the picturesque village of Yvoire - classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France - which will take you back to a medieval and flowery time. Do not miss the beautiful jazz festival in July.

A stone's throw away, Thonon-les-Bains is a city of theater and festive events all year round. The "Chapelle de la Visitation" will make you wonder about the modes of expression explored by contemporary artists. At the Chablais museum, you will dominate the whole lake with a splendid view on the Swiss Jura. Finally, Evian, the city of water, will let you enjoy all the pleasures of a sumptuous spa town, with its world-famous springs, its golf course and its casino.

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