Une fondue genevoise


You can’t be in Switzerland and not trying the delicious fondue. With 26 cantons and 4 languages, Switzerland is a real melting pot of cultures. There is however, one dish that unites the country: fondue (from the French word fondre, meaning ‘to melt’), a specialty of crusty bread dipped in a pot of melted cheese and wine. The Swiss eat fondue all year round, but it’s especially warming in winter, whether you are in the mountains or dining out in the city. For a casual night out tuck into cheesy goodness in one of Geneva’s favorite fondue restaurants:

Les Armures

A walk up the cobbled streets of Geneva’s old town takes you to this local favorite, housed in a 13th century building. Here you will find traditional cuisine as well as fondue and raclette (another cheesy Swiss dish), served inside in a cozy room with wood-beamed ceilings and exposed stone walls, or outside on the terrace on cool summer evenings.

Buvette des Bains

At only few minutes walking distance, quirky, unpretentious lakefront café popular with locals, set in a public bathhouse dating back to the 1930’s. During the winter, soak in the laid-back atmosphere, enjoy the beautiful view.


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